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Mission Statement

To seek God and do God’s will by growing spiritually, sharing our faith and resources, supporting others and educating our children.


  1. To be an inclusive church.
  2. To be a welcoming church offering love and hope.
  3. To be an active part of our community at large.

We pride ourselves as an inclusive church.


The year 2021 marks the 147th anniversary celebration of this Pastoral Charge.

It’s roots trace back to two Methodist congregations organized in the mid 1870’s. They joined together in 1884. A devastating explosion on the railway in 1907 did great damage to their church so they chose another location a little further from the railway on which they built the present architecturally significant structure (1908), known then as Grace Methodist Church. It has been carefully maintained and updated since then.

The congregation became Essex United Church at the time of union in 1925 with the inclusion of the Presbyterian Congregation (founded in 1881).


Rev. Lexie Chamberlain, BASc, MDiv


Organist/Choir Director
Mrs. Diana Dennis, ARCT
Office Administrator
Ms. Susan G. Tuck-Sweetman, B.A.
Ron Wijngaarden