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Sunday, July 25:  Pentecost IX 

Holy and Mysterious God,

we come to you with many questions and seeking answers for our world right now:

“Why me?”

“Why now?”

“How long?”

“What next?”

We are worried, we are afraid…for ourselves, for our families, for our friends, and for our hurting and divided world.  Help us to truly feel your presence and your promise of hope—in a flash of colour as we go for a walk and notice a roughly painted stone on the side of the path with a child’s handwriting that says:

“Be safe.”

“Stay strong.”

“Give peace a chance.”

“You are not alone.”

A simple reminder of your grace, loving God, for this day and every day.  Amen.

Mary Parsons, Munn’s U.C., Oakville, Ont.



Lectionary Readings:

2 Samuel 11:1–15                           Psalm 14

2 Kings 4:42–44                               Psalm 145:10–18

Ephesians 3:14–21                         John 6:1–21





Our Weekly Birthdays:

July 30           Janice



Our Weekly Anniversaries:

July 31           Holly & Jim



Coming at Essex:

Sunday, July 25        10:30 am        Worship Service

~ Rev. Lexie


Sunday, August 8     10:30 am        Worship Service

~ Ian Phillips


Sunday, August 22   10:30 am        Worship Service





Since we are all doing more puzzles during COVID, we thought it would be a great idea to have a Puzzle Sharing Program.  If you have any puzzles to share, or would like to pick up a new puzzle, please drop by the Church Library after church.


for your continuing support of Essex United.   We rely on the contributions to cover ministry costs, and our bills.  At this time, we are still facing a prolonged closure, and this makes it more important, if you are able, to give faithfully and regularly to the church.


Our Library is in need of Children’s books.

If you have any to donate, they can be dropped off at the church.

Please call the church office (519-776-5121) to make sure Susan is in.  Also, a wonderful thank you to Jill who has been keeping the Book Bin going throughout the Lock Down.



Results of June 27th 2021 Miracle Food Drive

Another successful venture!  Windsor-Essex gave generously. They raised 1,032,199 tons of food.  This amount is able to feed approximately 15,000 households or 34,000 individuals for one year of food bank usage.